Just published in Journal of Proteomics:

"Targeted mass spectrometry for the analysis of nutritive modulation of catalase and heme oxygenase-1 expression"
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"Peptide profiling of bovine kefir reveals 236 unique peptides released from caseins during its production by starter culture or kefir grains"
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Food Chemistry in science and career - a position paper from the Lebensmittelchemische Gesellschaft

Newspaper reports about the study of food chemistry in Erlangen
    -    Report 1
    -    Report 2

The aim of food chemistry is to gain insight into the molecular composition of foods and to identify their biofunctional, physiological and technological properties. Thereto, bioanalytical and instrumental methods as well as biochemical and cytological procedures are used. The combination of food chemistry with pharmaceutical technology and medicinal chemistry builds a molecular bridge between the departments of medicine, of natural science and of technical science at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt Chair of Food Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Schuhstraße 19
91052 Erlangen
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